From Idea to Launch:
A Step-by-Step Guide for First-Time Tech Startup Founders

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I have a business idea…now what?!

That’s something I asked myself when the idea of building a parenting platform popped into my head. I felt completely lost, scared, and excited and had no idea where to go or what should I do. I had 0 technical knowledge, 0 parenting expertise, and 0 medical insights—everything I needed to start my idea I didn’t have. Not to mention that I didn’t have money, only a EUR 600 salary from my full-time job and no backup. I was like swimming in a pool without knowing how to and without any life jacket. 

I was desperately searching for a step-by-step program, book, or article. Something to give me a list of things I should follow as a first-time startup founder. 

I wanted to read something written by a startup founder for other startup founders. To get clarity and get rid of the unknown.

I couldn’t find something to say things as they are, no bullsh*t, so I decided to do it. 

This is how this ebook came to life. 

Pay online with credit card and the ebook arrives in your inbox!

What you will find in this eBook

I took the most frequent questions when starting a startup and answered with concrete examples, graphics, and behind the curtains of my startup.

aka things I wish someone told me at the beginning.

aka a step-by-step list of things you should do, things to avoid, and questions to answer for each stage of your startup development.

aka a list of 17 methods we used to validate our startup and that you can use too.

aka a list of places/strategies, you can apply to onboard people who share your vision.

aka a list of options you have based on the stage you are in.
aka spilling the tea about incubators, accelerators and pre-accelerators.

aka a list of the 57 most frequent used terms in startups and what do they mean

aka what I wish I could have read at the beginning to save me time and energy

Pay online with credit card and the ebook arrives in your inbox!

My name is Petruța Țuligă, and I’m the founder and CEO of Parentool – the first Romanian parenting app where parents have, in the same place, access to specialists, articles, and development milestones for their babies. 

I started working on building Parentool in 2019, and we launched the public version in 2022. 

Some interesting facts:

  • all our growth is organic and via referral 
  • we monetized from day 1, and we had our first paid subscribers since pre-launch
  • we achieved 3rd place in App Store without any paid advertising 
  • we are bootstrapped (aka we self-finance)
  • when I started, I had 0 technical knowledge, 0 parenting experience, and 0 medical experience, and a 600 EUR salary
  • we ended up being on national TV and asked to join a group of entrepreneurs for the European Parliament in Bruxelles

Apart from Parentool, I was also the Product Manager for a B2B startup. I took them from idea to their first paying clients.

Before entering the startup world, I worked with different companies filling roles such as HR, Employer Brand, Product Owner, and Consultant. I worked with companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Dell. 

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