It all starts with a dream

Dear Diary,

I’m back in Cluj after two days in Bucharest. What a roller-coaster!

From genuine fear of earthquakes, some travel and health anxiety to extreme joy and gratitude.

That is what being a highly sensitive person looks like. Your days are a constant wave of highs and lows. Your environment impacts you so much more than you can think. But this is a story for another day.

On Wednesday, I cried my eyes out after attending the Itsy Bitsy gala and being one of the leaders for digital resources for parents.

It brought tons of flashbacks.

Being there, in that gorgeous ballroom, with people I see on TV or admire online, and hearing the name PARENTOOL made me instantly go back in time.

It reminded me of mini Petruta.

I spent my summer holidays in the countryside. My dad had a specific routine for me that implied working in the garden and caring for our animals.

However, when the sun was up, and it was too hot to stay outside, I read old books borrowed from my librarian neighbor.

While reading, I imagined how my life will be.

I had this constant fear that I would fail. That I will end up wasting my life. Ca nu va fi bine!

But there was also an inner voice telling me: Everything will be fine!

I used to imagine how I would go to social events with a glass of champagne and how I would speak in front of people, inspiring them to be themselves.

How my kids will be able to travel the world and feel free to be 100% themselves.

How I will have a gorgeous house, with a big fireplace and a golden retriever dog running around the garden full of roses.

And when things were hard, I clung to that inner whisper.

I used that whisper as my anchor when I wanted to give up and when life felt so unfair and hard to live.

Being at the Gala, reminded me of everything it used to be alive only in my imagination.

How everything starts with a dream. With a leap of faith into the unknown.

It reminded me that everything will be fine if you do things that make your eyes spark like fireworks.

It reminded me that there is no greater power than your imagination.

It reminded me that we are all designers of our life.

I am giving you access to these inner stories to remind you that you also have a mini-you that had hopes and dreams and painted the world in vivid colors inside your mind. To remind you to go back to her/him and connect again.

Give yourself permission to see life through your inner child’s lenses. It is so much more fun this way.

What makes your eyes spark when you consider the possibility of making it a reality?

Have a lovely weekend!



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