The woman that I’ve become and launching my first ebook for startups🎉

Hello there,

I didn’t plan to write this, but a wave of gratitude showered my body after I shopped for a meeting with one of Romania’s most-known public figures (more on that later this week).

I took my journal and started writing down the words that came to me when I thought about the woman I became.

From Petruta that was scared to take up her space in the world …to Petruta that speaks her mind freely.

From Petruta that kept her dreams in a bubble, afraid of what other people will think about them…to Petruta that dares to try and fail.

From Petruta that never dreamed of being an entrepreneur …to Petruta running 2 businesses.

From Petruta hating her body so damn much….to Petruta learning to accept and enjoy it.

From Petruta buying her shoes from the cheapest market…to Petruta investing in quality.

From Petruta ashamed of her sensitivity…to Petruta who thinks sensitivity is her biggest power.

From Petruta being scared of every new experience…to Petruta jumping off a boat, without knowing how to swim, in a 4m sea in Corfu.

These are just a few things that the past 10 years taught me and the entrepreneurial roller-coaster put me through.

And today, I want to make another jump.

From Petruta hunched by impostor syndrome…to Petruta launching her first ebook for first-time startup founders (screaming on the inside).

Ladies and gents, I present you: From Idea to Launch – a step-by-step guide for first-time tech founders.

I wrote this ebook as a personal guide for everyone who is just as confused, lost and excited as I was at the beginning of my journey.

The ebook that Petruta from 6 years ago would have loved to read.

It’s an ebook for people that:

  • want to launch their startup
  • feel excited but completely confused about what they should do next to start a business
  • that are looking for a step-by-step guide, with real-life examples, of what they should do and what to avoid for every stage, from idea-to-launch
  • they hear all the startup lingo, but they don’t understand what people are talking about
  • don’t know how to validate or finance their businesses
  • don’t know how to find the first team members
  • are looking for specific use cases from a fellow founder

Here you have a glimpse of what each chapter includes:

  • Chapter 1: What should you know before starting a startup

aka things I wish someone had told me at the beginning

  • Chapter 2: From Idea to Product

aka a step-by-step list of things you should do, things to avoid, and questions to answer for each stage of your startup development.

  • Chapter 3: How to validate your idea

aka a list of 17 methods we used to validate our startup and that you can use too.

  • Chapter 4: How to find your first team members

aka a list of places/strategies you can apply to onboard people who share your vision.

  • Chapter 5: How to finance your startup

aka a list of options you have based on the stage you are in.

  • Chapter 6: How to choose the right programs

aka spilling the tea about incubators, accelerators, and pre-accelerators.

  • Chapter 7: How to speak startup

aka a list of the 57 most frequently used terms in startups and what they mean

  • Chapter 8: Gold mine resources

aka what I wish I could have read at the beginning to save me time and energy

My intention with this ebook is to give you clarity, concrete examples, and peace of mind. I know how nerve-racking a startup journey is, and I hope that after reading the ebook, you will feel like, Hell yeah! I’ve got this! Let’s do it!

Here you can download the ebook.

Drop me a line at with feedback, suggestions, or questions. đź’›

Brb, doing my happy dance.



P.S: Of course, my desire to put something useful out there made me ask for feedback. And this is what Delia Visan – Head of Customer Success at Bright Spaces – says about this ebook: Petruta’s e-book is an oasis of inspiration for all of us who dream of putting our ideas out there in the world. She shares with us her experience, providing clear guidance and solutions for all the challenges she faced along the way, challenges that might be waiting for us as well, on our way to success.

Petruta’a guide is a “journey guide” that makes you believe in yourself enough to give yourself a chance and try it.

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